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Liger Logistics LLC is a technical design and consultancy firm in the field of tank storage and a leading provider of storage and products distribution services. It was incorporated as a limited liability company to carry on the business for the oil and gas industry; environmental management; marine logistics and support; project management and engineering design and consultancy. It is also involved in the business of marketing, supply and trading of crude oil and petroleum products.

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Pipeline Services

Our pipeline services has an extensive network of pipelines to transport liquid bulk including crude oil, oil products, chemicals and industrial gases.

The pipelines run between company neighbors in the ports. The pipeline network offers a safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly transport solution.

Shipping Services

The gas and oil industry relies on shipping companies and third party logistics providers to move complicated freight shipments around the world.

Our orders usually involves shipments to remote parts of the globe, which can involve shipping heavy gas equipment and following strict safety guidelines.

Storage Services

Our terminals are strategically located all over the world.

With a total storage capacity of nearly 44 million barrels, we provide customers with storage and connectivity solutions to move their crude oil and liquids to markets.

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Ocean Freight

Rail Freight